Chocolate Barfi

imageGrowing up I hated Indian sweets (Barfi is a type of Indian sweet) – in fact we always had boxes of the stuff given to celebrate some happy occasion; birthday, wedding, engagement, a visit from a distant relative (not always happy). However after having my second child, I craved it!
Not sure if that’s called maturing taste or just getting old, but I wanted it so bad, I took to making it… and loved it! Thank you Carnation Recipes!


1 tin Condensed milk
200g milk powder
150ml double cream
A bar of dark chocolate (or whatever you have in the cupboard – milk and white chocolates are just as yum)


1. mix the milk powder and double cream until it becomes a solid mass

2. pour the condensed milk and cream mixture into a saucepan and mix over a low heat until it is completely combined and starting to come off from the sides.

3. pour into rectangular dish (a pyrex or whatever you have in the cupboard) and flatten with the back of a spoon.

4. melt the chocolate and drizzle/spread over the top of the creamy barfi

5. cut into bite size pieces once cool

I haven’t tried it yet, but think my honeycomb would taste good mixed into this. In fact you can mix in pistachios, coconut, almonds etc into the barfi mix before setting.


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