I love bad food…

imagethe badder the better and the quicker, well that’s just a bonus!

I’ve got an amazing husband and two gorgeous kids who I want to spend all of my precious time with. So in order to get my super-good-bad-food fix, it needs to be put together quick!

This blog is collection of recipes to enjoy as a treat. Midweek, as a dessert, at tea… Or at the end of a hard week such as this (when it feels as though we’re at a point when the very foundations and bedrock of our society seems unstable and uncertain, when our political stance is divided and future generally seems bleak!… *Brexit!)
Indulge yourself, put down your superfood salad for a night and enjoy some quick and dirty bad food.

Health warning – this food will not help you loose weight for the summer and eaten in excess – it won’t be great for your sugar levels. However eaten in moderation, these treats will make sh!t times better and good times greater! Enjoy 😘


3 thoughts on “I love bad food…

  1. For the better part of a year, I’ve been working out 5-6 days a week, cutting down on my sweets, watching what I eat, and so on. Then Saturdays come and it’s Eat Whatever You Want In One Meal Day. Oh sure, I could go out and get myself something that would give a nutritionist a coronary, but maybe it’s more satisfying to make it myself…?

    I should just shut up and follow your blog.

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