No-bake train cake 

There are a million different variations of this kind of thing online. This is my take on a no-bake train cake for my daughters third birthday. Super easy and cheap and went down a treat.


1 medium Swiss roll (doesn’t have to be chocolate)
1 pack of chocolate fingers
1 pack of mikado chocolate sticks
4 Oreo biscuits
10 mini Oreo biscuits
A few drops of green food dye
Desiccated coconut
Smarties to decorate (although I didn’t realise how much smarties have changed (probably the affect of less ‘e-numbers) but they looked washed out on the cake the next day!) other suggestions include popcorn, m&ms, marshmallows, dolly mixture etc
Shop bought chocolate butter icing – if you opt for vanilla sponge then buy white butter icing


You will need a cake board. The size of the board will determine how big the train is

1. Add the green dye to the coconut and mix well. Cover the cake board with a thin layer of icing and cover with the green coconut to resemble grass

2. Lay out the track using icing to stick it to the board. I used mikado for the edging and fingers for the track

3. Cut the Swiss roll in thirds. One piece will make the train body. Cut the second piece in half to form two semi circle carriages. The third needs a groove cut out of it to form the chimney.

4. Position the cake and carriages onto chocolate fingers in top of the track first then once you’re happy with sizes etc stick down with icing.

5. Stick the mini Oreos onto the ends of the fingers to make wheels. And stick the larger Oreos on the main train to form the back wheels, front and top of the chimney.

6. Place the smarties on to the carriages to decorate.


I placed the whole thing in the fridge for a few hours and took it out 10 minutes before serving.


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