Fruit Tart

fruit tartThis is without a doubt the easiest, quickest, yummiest (bad, but not-so-bad) pud.

It’s a great dessert after a spicy curry and takes no time at all to put together. 


1 pack shop bought sweet shortcrust pastry 

300ml double cream

2 tbsp icing sugar 

1 tsp vanilla bean extract 

Assorted fruits; berries work well but you can use anything

Extra icing sugar to dust 


Preheat oven to 180c

1. Roll out the pastry and cook in a tart tin according to packet details; 10-15 mins or until golden brown. Leave to cool. 

2. Add the vanilla essence and icing sugar to the cream and whip to form soft peaks. 

3. Once cool, fill the pastry case with the cream, spreading out to give a flat surface. 

4. Top with cut fruit and dust with icing sugar. 

fruit tart

So good for minimal effort, enjoy 😊 


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