Crispy Mint Chocolate Barfi

Green and blacks mint chocolate barfi As it’s Diwali week, I went a bit barfi crazy. Think I’ve officially eaten my weight in this stuff 😬

I did however manage to refrain myself and box some up to share with family as a Diwali gift.


200g milk powder 

200ml double cream

1 tin condensed milk

Green and Blacks crispy mint chocolate thins


1. Combine the double cream and milk powder to form a solid mass. 

2. pour the condensed milk and cream mixture into a saucepan and mix over a low heat until it is completely combined and starting to come off from the sides.

3. Pour the mixture into a Pyrex dish or moulds and allow to cool. 

4. Melt the chololate and pour over either the top or bottom (depending on whether you use a mould or dish). 

5.  Allow to set and enjoy at room temperature. 

Chocolate barfi mint Diwali


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