Food is a huge part of my life. Growing up in an extended Indian family where the kitchen was the soul of the house has engrained a love/need/passion to cook for and feed everyone/anyone that walks through the door.

My real love is bad food… As in, food that should be eaten in moderation as opposed to food that generally just tastes bad!

I’m no expert and wouldn’t for a second claim to be. But I can pull together some ok-ish quick and dirty treats that seem to go down well, so I’ve decided to share. Some are my recipes, some are tried and tested from others, they aren’t gourmet, fancy on the eyes, expensive or anything to win any prizes. But instead quick treats with everyday things that you’re bound to have in your kitchen.

Health warning – this food will not help you loose weight for the summer and eaten in excess – it won’t be great for your sugar levels. However eaten in moderation, these treats will make sh!t times better and good times greater! Enjoy 😘